There is NO force on earth more powerful than an Angry Woman!



Learning to channel that ANGER will BRING the HAPPY and HEALTHY back to YOUR LIFE! 



Anger is preventing us from living our BEST life!


Women are literally combusting from unresolved anger and hurt. "Nice" is our mantra. We're taught to stuff our emotions. We feel shame and embarrassment when we do express anger even though it is a basic HUMAN emotions.  


Why are we angry?


Have you heard of Angry Woman Syndrome? Nope, I hadn't either and it made me ANGRY! 


 We're expected to break the glass ceiling, raise the children, do the housework, feed the family, be less "emotional", deal with emotional and physical abuse, accept less pay, volunteer, set our own needs aside in favor of others. We're called names and punished if we do get angry. AND we're expected to SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP and act "happy"!

The world is broken and it is breaking us. 


Unresolved ANGER leads to:

unhealthy lifestyle - BURN OUT

abusive personal relationships

contentious family relationships

work difficulties

lack of money

feelings of worthlessness and shame

lack of time

no energy


anxiety, depression

the list is endless.


An Angry woman CAN be a POWERFUL force.

Civil rights, women's rights, union rights, domestic violence programs, programs for the hungry and homeless, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers; almost any program that benefits the underdog was instigated by a woman


It's time to channel your anger for YOUR greater good! 


It's time to step into your power and get mad! Mad enough to change your life, your families lives, your community and the world.


Schedule a FREE 30 minute clarity call to find out why you're stuck and how to reclaim your power and voice.


Let's kick ANgry WOman SYndrome to the curb and change the world! 

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin."   Tony Robbins        


If you are here, you're ready to burn down the house and build a new life.  Like me, you realize that the sands of time are shifting and if we want to achieve our dreams the time to act is NOW.  If we want to leave the world a better place, the time is NOW. It's easy to let stress, weather, age, circumstances, almost anything get in your way. The problem with your life is YOU.  The solution to your life is YOU.


Unresolved hurts and anger dictated my life for far to long. I missed out on satisfying relationships, financial success, physical health, peace of mind and more because I was emotionally stuck in an outdated story. 


I spent so much time, money and energy looking for the solution that now it is my mission to help YOU shorten your journey by reconciling the past and rediscovering the BOLD and POWERFUL you.


The world needs us to heal ourselves so we can in turn, heal the world. 


Peace lies within. Welcome to the journey!





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