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You will learn how and why your brain has kept you "cursed" and 3 easy steps to start reversing the relationship curse. You will learn why affirmations, positive thinking, vision boards, etc alone haven't worked to change your life. 




IF you're ready to: 

Trust yourself to create happiness,

Respect your values and boundaries,

  Communicate openly with yourself and others and

 Embrace an unapologetic YOU

then READ on.  

1 unhappy person + 1 unhappy person = a miserable relationship. If there is even 1 unhappy person in the above equation it can't = a happy relationship. We discover our true selves through our relationships with others. We either shine or fall short and we all know how both of those feel. There are no courses in school and our role models are "winging" it too. Many happy couples seem stumped by the question, "What is a happy relationship?" We "self improve" ourselves and believe we're ready, only to fall back in the same "bad" relationship cycle. We are the common denominator in these failed relationships but why can't we figure it out?  

  • Do you feel like your relationships are built on sand?
  • Do you have difficulty in more than one relationship?
  • Do you blame yourself for failed relationships?
  • Is your head filled with negative statements from ex-partners?  
  • Do you question your abilities?
  • Do you feel like you are settling for less than "great" in your life?
  • Is something missing in your life but you can' t put your finger on what it is?
  • Do you feel weighed down by "stuff" - either physical or mental?
  • Do you keep "self-improving" only to continue choosing partners poorly?
  • Do you fear repeating the same cycle of relationships?

You've improved yourself....but distrust, old habits and other's opinions, sabotage your progress, dragging you back down.

Another self improvement program but your relationships remain the're tired and frustrated. 


Your past is affecting your current relationships, dragging you down. Old hurts, beliefs and patterns keep you stuck in this cycle. You feel the physical weight of your past. 


You don't have the TIME, the MONEY, the ENERGY or the KNOWLEDGE to make changes.


If our relationships are troubled, nothing else works right in our lives. These are EXCUSES! If you choose to stay stuck, these excuses become your reality. The curse will continue, affecting every area of your life and limit your dreams or goals.  





There are so MANY options. I've been there! I was at the bottom yet again....but I couldn't look in the mirror and give up on me. I wanted to be happy again with myself and others. I wanted to break the relationship curse!

 Trust me, I've worked on myself and ended up back in the quicksand of a relationship, questioning my ability and desire to make it through, but I  discovered a real solution. 

Now I'm on a mission to help other women rebuild their relationships!

I believed I had conquered my relationship demons. I was living my dream of owning a ranch. But the price of trying to maintain my sanity while living and working with a controlling (bat shot crazy) spouse took a toll on me, physically and emotionally. This was a relationship cycle I had lived before. 


I'd spent years working on personal development, had two psychology degrees and my parents weren't divorced. Yeah, yeah, I loved myself and all that stuff! So why did I repeat the same mistakes over and over??


Post divorce and a multitude of unsatisfactory jobs, I took on a house remodel by myself. I had to rein in the chaos of my life and begin remodeling the relationship with myself, again


I'm a nerd and while reading some brain research, all the pieces lined up. I understood why the lipstick affirmations on the mirror weren't cutting it. I had some OUT dated 8-track tapes and 8mm projector images in my head. Those were the cracks in my foundation that needed to be repaired. All the self-improvement work had only covered up the rotten floor. 


Different questions lead to different answers and I created a process to help other women rebuild a strong foundation. My  house remodel intervention created an opportunity to help myself and others find happy relationships.


Imagine being happy with yourself and your relationships every day. You could accomplish anything!


When you address your relationship "curse", you find.... 

TRUST to handle anything, RESPECT for YOURSELF, the ability to COMMUNICATE your uniqueness and HAPPY relationships with yourself and others.  

The world opens and possibilities are endless. 

Once you have broken the curse, long buried dreams, ideas, and goals flow all around you. You exude wisdom and confidence. You know the woman you are and genuinely like her. She's not perfect but that's perfect!   Your happy relationships serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration to others. 


Do you have TIME to waste?

Do you have MONEY to waste?

Do you have ENERGY to waste?

If NOT, then keep reading....

"I never thought that rebuilding my relationships could be like a construction project but it is really the same thing. I spent so much time looking for answers, then it turned out to be a simple step by step way to change my life."


Jan H.



Your brains is a hoarder of old hurts, self criticism and others voices.   What would it be like to drop the anchor of the past you are dragging around? You will feel lighter, more energized, more creative, and ready to take on new challenges. You will find your power, reclaim your confidence and gain control of your life.



The freedom to be unapologetically YOU. Sounds simple but in theory, you have struggled. If your vision isn't clear, others are more than willing to tell you who you should be.  What would it feel like to be in control of your own life? Choices become easier. You will gain clarity, direction and possibilities will open like a sunny sky.



Your poor relationships affect every area of your life. It's difficult to be happy when work, friend, family or partner relationships sap your time and energy.  Happiness lies within. When you change the relationship equation then your life changes and you are free to pursue your most secret dreams and goals.

Learning the secrets to building a solid relationship foundation allows your life to become easier, purposeful, and joyful. 


Happy Relationships Blueprint

This course is composed of a video and 3 corresponding exercises. In the video, you will get a simple how and why your brain is preventing you from breaking the relationship curse.


This combined with 3 easy exercises will help you start rebuilding your foundation. The only difference between "happy" people and you is that happy people have learned to harness their brain's power.


In this offer, you will learn:

  • why your brain resists change,
  • how to access and change the 8mm image of yourself,
  • how to identify the audio tapes that have stalled your progress and
  • how to recognize and restate your relationship beliefs. 

Welcome to the happiness journey!



Brain Mechanics


Your brain is your most powerful tool. Learn simply how your brain functions and why it is difficult for any of us to change. No, it's not you! With this knowledge, you will be well prepared to harness your brain's power. The 3 exercises will begin to reshape the images, thoughts and beliefs that have been holding you back!  


The 3 Pillars


Now that you understand how your brain has limited you, these 3 easy exercises will teach you how to change your self image, how to change your self talk and how to replace your out-dated relationship beliefs. These exercises will provide a foundation for rebuilding trust, respect and communication with yourself and other people for happier relationships! 


Bedrock Call

FREE 45 minute Bedrock call. I want to ensure you have all you need to begin rebuilding a solid relationship foundation. Together, we can talk about your specific needs related to strengthening your foundation and help you create your own blueprint. This is a great chance to ask questions and for me to hear your story. You found me for a reason. You can break the relationship curse! When you begin from a solid foundation, anything is possible, including happy relationships with all those in your realm. 

Let's begin the journey!



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call times are filling up. Make sure YOU have all the information needed to rebuild your foundation. Don't delay and signup today to avoid missing this special pricing and bonus call! 



Happy Relationships Blueprint

Learn to love your life again!

Video 1 - Brain Mechanics  ............(Value $40)

Exercises - The 3 Pillars      ..............(Value $80)

45 minute Bedrock Call      ............(Value $200)

total value =($320)


“WE THINK WE HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING. What you don’t know is where the wonder of life occurs. If you are ready to step off the treadmill and not be scared, there is no better person to help you than Leslie.”


“DRAWING FROM HER PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with chaos, Leslie was able to guide me through my struggles using compassion, knowledge and humor. I am now a completist! Complete is informative, well written, personal and witty. Simple steps for a successful outcome.”


“I HAD BEEN EXPERIENCING MANY CHANGES in my life, both at home and professionally, creating a sense of uncertainty throughout my life. I sought guidance from Leslie, and she quickly helped me turn a sense of chaos into peace and freedom by focusing on becoming a completist.”



Happy Relationships Blueprint

Learn to love your life again!

Video 1 - Brain Mechanics  ............(Value $40)

Exercises - The 3 Pillars      ..............(Value $80)

45 minute Bedrock Call      ............(Value $200)

total value =($320)





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